How to use the MEDIADIC dictionary

Enter the website (if you pay and have the access code), or else, enter ‘”” to the URL box 

Please type a question word into the search box and click Enter. You will see several thumbnails relevant to the word. In some cases, some thumbnails suggest that the word has several meanings or several parts of speech. Besides, the search results may show some related words or phrases. It is notable that a figure at the end of a word reveals that the word has more than one meanings and such figure denotes one particular meaning of that word. It is also notable that the symbol ~ and signs following ~ show the relevant part of speech. For example, fall1~N means the first noun meaning of the word “fall”. Choose one thumbnail that you want to know its illustrated meaning and click it.  

Click the microphone logo to hear the pronunciation 

See words related to the picture, you can click any of them as a way of looking up.

Click the picture to see it bigger (just for 2 seconds)

It needs  a lot of time to accomplish the media dictionary, so in the first version there are a lot of words lacking explaining pictures. We need readers' advice and try to improve the dictionary.

Here is a list of parts of speech and their abbreviations. 

~Abb = Abbreviation

~Adj  = Adjective  

~Adv  = Adverb 

~C  = Conjunction  

~G  = Gerund  

~I  = Interjection

~Id = Idiom 

~iV  = intransitive Verb 

~N  = Noun  

~P  = Preposition    

~pAdj  = participial Adjective 

~pN  = Pronoun  

~tV  = transitive Verb