Free English version of the online dictionary on which can be looked up on PC, laptop or smartphone the English version is for free till 15/11/2018

1. In order to familiarize yourself with the dictionary, please enter into search box words, for example,:
+ <caw1s, bark1s, Ave Maria, achoo> to hear sound illustrations
+ <tiger or water> to see visual illustrations (file .jpg, .png, .)
+ <high performance or chest cavity or pumpjack> to see animated visual illustrations (file .gif)
+ <ruminant1 or free range1> to see illustrations by video clip (file .mp4)
+ <covey or burp3> to see illustrations by video clip (file .mp4) from Flickr or Youtube

2. Click Enter after striking letters in order to see many thumbnails.
3. Click Free to download Free Stressing Bee Game 200



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List of preschool English words