ADVERTIZEMENT (English | Tiếng Việt | Français)


We VBES (VAN BEN’s software educational company) support Vietnamese qualified products and invite Vietnamese enterprises to advertise in its website with preferential fees.


We VBES hope to bring out effective means of learning and teaching towards the community. VBES is willing to cooperate with teachers to produce illustrative lessons from our MediaDictionary and other resources.


We VBES would like to introduce Vietnamese culture and science by means of MediaDictionary and other resources. VBES needs contribution from our society so that we make use of Vietnamese media and other material resources (with agreements on fees).


We VBES try to better its product qualities and services for our users’ sake.


We VBES try to be a mediator between learners, users and copyright, qualified media. We are is in need of audio, video, audiovisual files as well as short pieces of films in order to produce new educational materials (with agreements on fees).