VAN BEN EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE COMPANY LIMITED or VBES compiles dictionaries, softwares, books and other educational products which help teaching and learning. Dr NGUYỄN VĂN BỀN (see information about the author) has compiled

  • Media Dictionary (available in English and other versions in various languages will be so in the future)  
  • Stressing Bee Game (edutainment on English word stress)
  • Books
    1. “Dictionary of English ending bases”    Từ điển tiếp tố tiếng Anh
    2. “Rules of English word stress” Luật trọng âm của từ tiếng Anh
    3. “Exercises on English word stress” Bài tập tìm trọng âm từ tiếng Anh
    4. “Arrangement of three and English word stress” Chuỗi 3 và trọng âm từ tiếng Anh
    5. “How to transcribe English words” Cách ghi ký âm từ tiếng Anh
    6. “Dictionary of English ending bases” Từ điển cơ sở cuối từ tiếng Anh
    7. “Dictionnaire des affixes anglais”





Dictionary of English suffixes was appraised by Hồ Chí Minh Committee’s Science department in 2004 and was included as a part of 2009 Lạc Việt dictionary. Other dictionaries created by NGUYỄN VĂN BỀN (Dictionary of English suffixes English-French-Vietnamese, Media dictionary and its versions, Dictionary of Enlgish ending bases) work and serve either online or in print format. Especially, MediaDictionary is a new dictionary from start to finish and is the first one to serve the twenty first century. It is created using audiovisual medium files therefore it makes leaning, understanding and memorizing easier. The author also set up http://MediaDic.com/ to facilitate the dictionary service.

Appraised by Hồ Chí Minh Committee’s Science department in 2017, MediaDictionary is made to suit learners’ levels, from babbling to academic stage. MediaDictionary is a good means for children at preschool stage where learning materials are short. MediaDictionary serves well not only in language learning, but also in basic knowledge understanding at all grades. It enhances knowledge teaching for all ages better than traditional dictionaries have done.

In MEDIADICTIONARY, most pictures or media get permission from the relating athor and each goes with author attribution when needed. About some media whose authors and origins are not available, the dictionary compiler hopes to negotiate with the authors whenever possible.

In Việt Nam, MEDIADICTIONARY has policy of free use to libraries of public primary school, high school as well as those of military organs according to the percentage of students or personnel related. MEDIADICTIONARY has policy of reduction on fee to primary school, high school teachers and military personnel.

MEDIADICTIONARY has policy of reduction on advertizement fee to Vietnamese enterprises.

MEDIADICTIONARY tries to bring better teaching and learning means to the community.

MEDIADICTIONARY hopes to cooperate with teachers to improve lessons and curricula by means of MediaDictionary.

MEDIADICTIONARY wishes to present Vietnamese culture and science on its website. It needs community contribution so that it can make use of Vietnamese media sources. It needs also agreement (with fee or without fee) on the use of materials from any person of the community.

MEDIADICTIONARY tries to improve product and service quality for learners; and users’ sake.

MEDIADICTIONARY wishes to be a bridge or a portal between learners and copyright, well-grounded sources. It needs sound media files, pictures, animated files, vidoes, clips. There will be agreements (with fee or without fee) on the use of materials.

MEDIADICTIONARY has various fees depending on time package. A package may last 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months. Its standard package lasts 12 months and is priced 120.000 đồng. Please see the price list.

Each user who accept to pay money for the dictionary website service will get the activation code through his/her email and SMS. The user enters the code on the MediaDictionary website and then uses the service.