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I  Personal information.

Name: NGUYEN VAN BEN                         Male

Date of birth: 1954
Natality: Saigon, Vietnam
Address: 140/1 Nguyen Tri Phuong P9 Q5 HOCHIMINH City Viet Nam.
Previous working place: Urology department, Cho Ray Hospital.
Present position: retired.
Education: Ph. D. of Urology
Degree: MD 1973 - 1979, Ph. D. since 1994.
Career starting from: 1980.
Specialty: surgery and urology
Time spent for specialty: 26 years (1980 - 2006).
Achievement: Ranked 1st in the matriculation into Saigon Medicine University 1983, Meritorious Doctor at Chợ Rẫy Hospital 2003.


II  Before 2010

Work position and working place

1980-2006 Physician at Choray Hospital

2007 set up a website vanben.com.vn featuring two copyright dictionaries “Dictionary of English affixes” and “Dictionary of English ending bases”

2009 published books on spoken English

2010 attended the CDLC conference in Maryland Dec 2010, and gave a lecture entitled “Arrangements of three and English word stress   


III Works

1. Books (in English, in Vietnamese and in French and ...)



  • SPR Self-programmed reminders (in English)
  • Từ điển cơ sở cuối từ tiếng Anh   
  • Cách ghi ký âm từ tiếng Anh
  • Luật trọng âm của từ tiếng Anh
  • Bài tập tìm trọng âm từ tiếng Anh 


Copyright books (in Vietnamese, in French and in English), publishers wanted

  • “Chuỗi 3 và trọng âm từ tiếng Anh”
  • “Từ điển tiếp tố tiếng Anh”
  • “Basics of spoken English”
  • “Dictionary of English affixes”. 
  • “Rules of English word stress”. 
  • “Exercises on English word stress (3 books on 3 levels) 
  • “Arrangement of three and English word stress”. 
  • “How to transcribe English words”. 
  • “Dictionary of English ending bases”.
  • “Dictionnaire des affixes anglais” 


2. Copyright software: “Stressing Bee Game


3. Website:

  • www.vanben.com.vn and works on spoken English featuring “Dictionary of English ending bases” (which can be seen also on Lạc Việt Dictionary)
  • Website http://mediadic.com/


Media dictionary, MEDIADIC, explains and illustrates words with pictures and media from copyright and author-permitted sources. English version of Media dictionary is now available and other versions in various languages will be complied, e.g. each language has its own MEDIADIC version. French and Vietnamese ones will appear soon. PICDIC has free versions for young children. Besides, it has also mobile Apps. MEDIADIC is the twenty first century dictionary.

The website http://mediadic.com/ has a free version offered to preschool children. The free version now appears in English and Vietnamese.