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1. What is MEDIADIC?

MEDIADIC is web-based electronic dictionary which explains and illustrates words with pictures and media from copyright and author-permitted sources. Words which have meanings such as “flower”, “roar”, and “thunder” are explained with pictures or media relating to “flower”, “roar”, and “thunder”, respectively. Illustrating pictures are photographs, paintings, diagrams or graphic materials. Media , audio or video, are used accordingly. Words and vocabulary appear in PICDIC are those found in ordinary dictionaries. Because PICDIC has just passed the beginning stage, so in the first version there are a lot of words lacking expalining pictures.

2. Source of pictures? Legality?

Pictures are chosen from copyright source with conditional permission from their authors. Some others are on the public domain.  

3. Author of MEDIADIC?

MEDIADIC is compiled by Dr NGUYỄN VĂN BỀN (see Author/Works)

4. Versions?

MEDIADIC has three kinds of versions according to 1/ readers’ levels 2/ languages and 3/ sciences, for example, botany, medicine, zoology and so on. Early versions are compiled for English, Vietnamese and French.

5. Advantages?

MEDIADIC is concrete, intelligible and long-memorable. Versions are made to meet learners' levels ranging from small children to adults. It is very helpful to preschool children and those at primary schools where learning materials are few. MEDIADIC proves helpful not only in learning languages, but also in studying sciences as well.

6. Limits?

In spite of some advantages, MEDIADICTIONARY is a complementary tool to traditional dictionaries and other materials. We’ll try our best to perfect it.